how it all began...

I was producing costumes for a performing arts collective in Brighton. Being Victorian horse riding themed and then later on 'Highwaymen', I started experimenting with my own hat making.

I pursued this interest in millinery and created my own template and technique that I liked.

I kept creating my hats... And I'm happy to say the whole range is available here online NOW!

I could never have predicted how much fun it would be making these little wonderful hats!

Every design is an imaginative blend of vintage elements and my own original designs. Sexy, sweet, edgy, unique,understated and glam, every piece has a unique style and story.

I have sold hats to Brides, Bridesmaids,flower girls, mothers of the bride, circus clowns, drag queens, burlesque beauties, steampunk pirate princesses, festival goers and birthday girls.

A little hat really is the cherry on top. The perfect finishing touch.

Each item is handmade, utilising a vast choice of reclaimed materials. All our hat bases are made from recycled camping mat - collected after Glastonbury and other UK festivals.

We also ship packages in recyecled cardboard packing.




Any queries please e-mail.